Crappie Bait

Watermelon MM421 – Mag Minnow | Crappie Bait


Ideal for your Crappie Fishing, here is what comes with the Watermelon MM421 | Mag Minnow | Crappie Monster

  • 3” swim bait
  • 7 Baits per pack

OTH Fishing’s Mag Minnows are also ideal for these types of fishing:

  • Ideal for bass fishing
  • Ideal for walleye fishing
  • Ideal for redfish fishing
  • Ideal for speckled trout fishing

White OB502 | Outbreak Bait – OTH Fishing


Brand new to the market comes our “Outbreak” line of baits. The Outbreak Bait is 1 inch long and is ideal for:

  • ice fishing
  • trout
  • those stubborn black crappie
  • bream


Package: 15 baits to a pack in 6 different colors for every situation.


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