24V60AH Sport Series Lithium Battery with Bluetooth (2460-BT)


24V 60AH is perfect for your next tricked out Kayak build. It is light weight, yet very powerful and compact. The built in bluetooth system gives you data at a glance from your phone or i-pad. Connect multiple of these to power your bass boat for many hours on the water. With built in low-temp charging protection!

UL Certified; ANSI/CAN/UL 1973:2022 Ed.3


Capacity    Voltage    Weight           Size             Warranty
 60AH        25.6V       30 lbs.   13” x 6.75” x 9”   10 years

Chemistry: LFP
Efficiency: 98%
Memory: None
Terminals: M8
Max Charge/Voltage: 29V
Low Cut-off Voltage: 22V

Max Charge/Discharge Current: 60A
Peak Discharge Current: 180A – 3 sec
Operating Temp: 32°-130°
Cell Type: Prismatic
Group Size: 31
Bluetooth: Yes


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