Bennett Autotrim Pro 12/24v For Classic Hydraulic Systems


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Bennett AutoTrim Pro for Classic Hydraulic Systems (12V)

Model: AP000A1HA

  • Auto Trim Tab Control – Easily store 2 favorite automatic running attitudes in memory. See real-time AutoTrim Pro adjustments with LED indication
  • Manual Tab Control with Automatic Override – Just push anywhere on the bow up or down buttons and you’re in full manual command of the trim tabs
  • OEM Customizable Response Time – Configure response time to engine power, hull type, actuator type or trim tab size
  • Trim Tab Position Indication – L.E.D. indicators equipped with adjustable light intensity
  • One-touch Manual Full Up and Full Down Buttons – Down for hole-shot, up for running in a following sea, or coming into the beach
  • Automatic Tab Retraction – Retract trim tabs to full up position when the boat’s ignition is switched off, protecting tabs during storage and trailering

An all-in-one trim tab control system combining a myriad of essential features. Automatic Trim Tab Control, Manual Trim Tab Control, and Trim Tab Position Indication all combined into an easy-use, space-saving keypad. It’s like cruise control for your tabs

AutoTrim Pro automatically levels the pitch and roll of your boat, adjusting your trim tabs to changes in vessel speed, sea conditions and shifting weight and you can take full manual control anytime with the touch of a button. It’s like cruise control for your boat.

This affordable solution can be added to most existing trim tab systems — electric or hydraulic. It’s fully compatible with all Bennett systems, and most others. Installation is simple and straightforward.

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