C-MAP M-NA-D029 4D microSD Alaska Lakes


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C-MAP M-NA-D029 4D microSD

Alaska Lakes

Model: M-NA-D029-MS

  • Full-Feature Vector Charts: Toggle different views on and off to see animated tidal streams, currents and flows on your map. When planning your trip, check out the tidal heights so you won’t be caught off-guard by sudden changes. Dynamic navigational aids give you the tools you need to plan and master your route.
  • A New Perspective: Depths and land elevation, photos, diagrams and bird’s eye view perspective options let you choose your view.
  • More than Maps: View coastal roads and Points of Interest such as restaurants, museums, local services and cultural highlights.
  • C-Marina Port Database: Get detailed marina port plans and harbor charts so docking is a breeze even on your first visit!
  • Guardian Alarm: Keep safety in mind, but rest easy with Guardian Alarm settings that will let you know about rocks, obstructions, shallow depths and other navigation hazards.
  • One Year of Updates: Crowd sourced and directly from C-MAP trusted sources, these daily updates will give you the confidence to navigate unfamiliar waters. The first year’s on us!
  • Value Added Data: Add high-resolution bathymetry charts and details about Marine Protected Area so your have all the information you need at your fingertips.

C-MAP 4D is the only maritime chartplotting solution that lets you completely customize your digital navigation charts. You choose the content (MAX or 4D), and you choose when to purchase additional Value-Added-Data to enhance your boating or sailing experience. With C-MAP 4D, you enjoy your time on the water knowing your digital marine charts and GPS maps are based on reliable, updated marine navigation and information. Learn more about marine chart solutions available in C-MAP 4D.

A new perspective. The world has three dimensions. The world has three dimensions. When you add the 4th dimension of time ? meaning consistent, periodic updates ? you combine the most detailed 3D height and depth worldwide database with a continuous update process to give you a personalized navigation experience with up-to-date data for safe navigation.

See the real world on your screen. C-MAP 4D includes a navigational perspective with high-resolution coastal imagery overlaid on the most accurate and up-to-date vector data, plus thousands of extraordinary photos for the most popular marinas and areas of interest.

Innovate tradition. With raster charts, you have an additional reference source for navigational awareness. Get “at-a-glance” information using the nautical paper charts overlaid on the multi-dimensional shaded relief to have a new visual experience.

An extra layer of safety. When activated, Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use the feature as an added backup to alert you should you head toward a potentially harmful object.

Automatically create a route. Enter start and end points along with specific boat parameters and automatically receive waypoints of the shortest route; highlights potential hazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each segment of the route, allows you to manually adjust the route.


Card Type C-MAP 4D
Cartography Alaska
Connection Interface Micro SD w/ SD Card Adapter
Type Electronic Charts

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