Cornfield Fishing Gear – Lanyard


Maximize your fishing expeditions with the Cornfield Fishing Gear (Red) Lanyard. Designed specifically for boat owners, crappie anglers, and Cornfield Fishing Gear supporters,  this sturdy lanyard keeps your keys and essential tools securely around your neck. Enjoy a hands-free fishing experience with a lanyard that’s as reliable as it is comfortable.


Introducing the Cornfield Fishing Gear Red Lanyard – your ultimate accessory for a successful day on the water. This lanyard is not just a tool, but a game-changer for boat owners and avid crappie anglers. Crafted with a robust, wide and flat strap, it offers unparalleled comfort around your neck, preventing any irritation even with prolonged use.

The lanyard features a secure, easy-to-use clip that holds keys, tools, and other essential gear, ensuring they’re accessible when you need them most. Whether you’re navigating your boat or casting your line, the Cornfield lanyard means you’ll never have to worry about losing your essentials to the water depths.

Its vibrant red color increases visibility, making it easy to locate among your gear. The prominently displayed Cornfield Fishing Gear logo signifies your support for high-quality, durable fishing accessories designed with the serious angler in mind. By choosing the Cornfield lanyard, you’re not only opting for efficiency but are also investing in organization and safety on the boat. Equip yourself with the Cornfield Fishing Gear Lanyard, and turn your focus to what really matters—landing the big one.


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