Millertech Marine 4-Bank LiFePo4 Lithium Battery Charger


This MillerTech, 4-bank, marine Lithium battery charger was specifically designed for the avid fisherman who only settles for the very best! Our goal, when designing and developing this charger was to create a high-quality, feature-rich, marine battery charger that is reliable and simple to use, making your experience seamless and enjoyable! Our charger produces 40A continuous, meaning 10A is going into each of your 4 batteries at all times, (from start to finish) unlike conventional chargers that taper off halfway through the charge and take a long time to actually complete the cycle. What this means for you, is less charging time and more fishing time, which is really all that matters, correct?


Technical Specs

Input 80-120V AC 60Hz
Output Power 40A = 10Ax4 (independent)
Output Voltage 14.5V



Protection Specs

Waterproof Rating IP67
Over voltage output protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Over current protection (dual blade): fuse) Yes



LED Indicator Specs

Fully charged or No connection Green
Normal Charging Red


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