EZ Clip 3-Pack – Ultimate Wire Management Solution for Trolling Motors


Welcome to the next level of fishing efficiency with the EZ Clip 3-Pack. Say goodbye to the hassle of zip ties and black tape, and protect your investment with a solution designed specifically for anglers. These innovative clips are expertly crafted to organize and safeguard your wires, ensuring a clean and efficient setup on your trolling motor.

Compatible with leading models like:

  • Minn Kota Ultrex,
  • Garmin Force,
  • Seelite Transducer,
  • Minn Kota Maxima,

The EZ Clip is versatile and easy to use. Whether you’re navigating calm or rough waters, these clips provide the stability and protection your wires need. Installation is a breeze – just clip on, and you’re ready to go.

With the EZ Clip, you’ll experience a smoother fishing journey, free from the distractions of disorganized gear. Enhance your fishing experience with this essential accessory that stands as a testament to practicality and innovation in the fishing world.


EZ Clips Function: Allows quick swapping of lures and jigs without needing to retie. Usage Scenario: Useful during active fishing when swift lure changes are required. Benefit: Saves time and reduces the need for constant re-rigging. Impact on Fishing: Enhances efficiency, especially during high-action fishing. Value Proposition: Maximizes fishing time and minimizes downtime due to rigging.

EZ Drift is a partner brand featured on www.othfishing.com.


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