1/16oz #6 Hook Jighead | OTH Fishing

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1/16oz #6 Hook Jighead | OTH Fishing

  • 7x OTH Fishing Jigheads per pack
  • Bronze Mustad Hook

Sharpen your jigging game with OTH Fishing’s 1/16oz #6 Hook Jigheads. Trusted by anglers for precision and reliability, these jigheads, equipped with premium bronze Mustad hooks, are your go-to for delicate presentations in pursuit of crappie and bass. Each pack contains seven jigheads, ideal for freshwater vertical jigging or casting techniques.


Dive into the details of OTH Fishing’s meticulously crafted 1/16oz #6 Hook Jigheads. Designed for anglers who understand the importance of quality and precision, these jigheads come equipped with the trusted bronze Mustad hooks, known for their unbeatable sharpness and strength. Whether you’re finesse fishing for bass or vertically jigging for crappie in up to 15ft of water, these jigheads ensure a perfect presentation with every cast.

Ideal for all water clarities, the balanced weight of these jigheads allows for seamless integration with a variety of soft plastics to mimic the natural prey of your target species. Anglers can expect enhanced control and sensitivity, ensuring that even the subtlest bites are detected and acted upon.

Expand your tackle selection by exploring other sizes in our collection, such as the 1/32oz #6 Hook Jighead for clearer waters and lighter bites, or the 1/64oz #8 Hook Jighead for ultra-fine applications where subtlety is key. Each size is tailored for specific scenarios, giving you the edge you need in diverse fishing conditions.

Ready to elevate your tackle box? The 1/16oz #6 Hook Jigheads by OTH Fishing are not just hooks; they’re a strategic choice for anglers who aim for success with every cast.

2 reviews for 1/16oz #6 Hook Jighead | OTH Fishing

  1. 5 out of 5


    That’s a heck of a jighead – ideal for water up to 15ft deep. Best jighead you can buy.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I absolutely love these jig heads! I’ve bought alot of jigs, hand ties and custom painted jigheads and in my opinion this jighead is the best. I use it every trip out and it never fails me. Love how simple and basic it is. Hook is super strong and all sizes work great with uppercuts and outbrakes. My box stays full of these heads.

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