OTH Fishing’s Small Fry is ideal for all-weather fishing conditions. The high contrast and 16 colors to choose from make this bait category extremely useful in all situations. 

OTH Fishing’s Bait Kits are ideal and full of value. Select your kit based on your type of water: Muddy Water, Clear Water, or for Bream & Black Crappie. Our kits are designed specifically for each situation. 

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Our New Pro Series Nets
for Crappie & Bass Have arrived.

Our much awaited “Pro Series Nets” by OTH Fishing have arrived. Featuring a great design and irresistible colors, they are a new must have on your boat. Starting at $109.99


Discover the new
Bream / Black Crappie, Clearwater and Muddy Water bait kits

Discover our new kits designed for your type of water (Clearwater or Muddy Water) and specifically for Bream and Black Crappie.

Meet our world-class baits.

Meet our world-class baits.

Our nets

The Ideal Crappie Net: The Outlaw

We don’t compromise on quality. We designed this net with the best materials and with decades of fishing experience in mind. 

The Outlaw Net is one of the most versatile nets on the market in 2023. With a silicone net bag, adjustable handle length extending from 6′ up to 12′, and light weight, it’s definitely a must-have on your boat.