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SMALL FRY - Crappie Bait

Assorted Small Fry soft baits by OTH Fishing, featuring a variety of colors for targeted fishing strategies.

Having achieved a sensational ascension to be a part of the top 25 anglers in the nation (in his first year), Jeremy  incredible ascension takes root in accepting no compromises. 

He was unable to find the perfect balance for his baits for crappie fishing. There were good products available but good was not enough for a perfectionist angler. That’s why he invested himself, personally and professionally into  Crappie Monster. 

Designing the perfect bait is now as simple as it might sound: there are hundreds of hours of costly research involved in the process, endless trials, and the manufacturing process had to be mastered to get flawless bait every single time. 

The best crappie bait ever? We believe it is.

Our Small Fry baits are designed to be the best in class. We don't compromise - ever.

Master the Water with OTH Fishing’s Small Fry Collection: A Design and Usage Guide


Unlock the full potential of the Small Fry Collection by OTH Fishing, where innovative design meets strategic fishing. Each color and shape within this diverse collection is crafted for a specific purpose, helping you adapt to various fishing environments with ease.

 The Design Behind Small Fry:

The Small Fry lures are the culmination of extensive research and angler feedback. Designed with a slender profile and a paddle tail, these lures create life-like movements in the water, mimicking the natural prey of crappie and bass. The soft yet durable material provides the perfect balance between flexibility for movement and resilience against bites.

When to Use Small Fry Baits:

Timing is everything in fishing, and the Small Fry baits are designed for versatility. Use lighter colors like silver and white during bright days and clear water conditions for a subtle approach. Turn to darker colors like black and blue when fishing in low-light conditions or murky waters for a silhouette that stands out.

How to Rig Your Small Fry:

The rigging technique can make all the difference. Here are a few methods:

  • Jigging: Attach your Small Fry to a jig head and use short, sharp jerks to mimic an injured baitfish.
  • Drop-shot: Perfect for vertical fishing, a drop-shot rig with a Small Fry can entice fish in deeper waters.
  • Texas Rig: Ideal for weedy environments, a Texas-rigged Small Fry will glide through the cover effectively.

Color Selection for Various Waters:

Color choice can drastically affect your success. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Clear Water: Natural colors that blend seamlessly with the surroundings, like green pumpkin or watermelon.
  • Stained Water: Bright colors or those with high contrast, like chartreuse or orange, to stand out against the murky backdrop.
  • Dark or Muddy Water: Dark colors like black or blue create a distinct outline that fish can detect.

Optimizing Your Approach:

Tailoring your approach based on the water body and location is key. In the South, where waters tend to be murkier, go for vibrant colors. In the crystal-clear lakes of the North, opt for more translucent options.

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Life like - Watch our baits "fly"!

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This bait is the first one to hit the water every time I go out! The rubber doesn’t rip as easy as other brands and last longer bite after bite! The skinny tail give great action to make the crappie not resist!

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