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SMALL FRY - Crappie Bait

Having achieved a sensational ascension to be a part of the top 25 anglers in the nation (in his first year), Jeremy  incredible ascension takes root in accepting no compromises. 

He was unable to find the perfect balance for his baits for crappie fishing. There were good products available but good was not enough for a perfectionist angler. That’s why he invested himself, personally and professionally into  Crappie Monster. 

Designing the perfect bait is now as simple as it might sound: there are hundreds of hours of costly research involved in the process, endless trials, and the manufacturing process had to be mastered to get flawless bait every single time. 

The best crappie bait ever? We believe it is.

Our Small Fry baits are designed to be the best in class. We don't compromise - ever.

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The most "Life Like Bait" on the planet

It's all about making it look and act real. Crappie Monster's mag minnows are designed to be life-like.

Louvered sides for extra action

Thanks to its louvered sides, you'll enjoy extra action and our mag minnow will hold the scent if you use paste.

ideal for underpin and as a trailer for bass fishing

This product is ideal for bass fishing as well as crappie fishing. The Crappie Monster Small Fry collection of baits comes in many variations. Which will be yours?

Unmatched movement in the water

It's all about the dynamics - our proprietary plastisol helps provide movement in the water like you've never seen before.

Life like - Watch our baits "fly"!

When we say we design our bait to be “life-like”, we mean it. Watch this Crappie Monster bait fly in the wind as we progress on the lake. Now imagine the same movements in the water. Simply irresistible.

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