Birthday Cake SF111 | Small Fry – CRAPPIE BAIT


OTH Fishing presents its Small Fry a bait specifically engineered for crappie fishing.

This specific model features the following characteristics:

  • Small Fry Color: Birthday Cake (SKU:SF111)
  • Count per pack: 15x Small Fry per pack
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Unique design & color for crappie fishing
  • Outstanding durability

At OTH Fishing, we are proud to have found the perfect balance with our Small Fry Collection – that’s why we are the brand trusted by professional anglers and guides.

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Additional information about our Birthday Cake | Small Fry 

Step up your game with OTH Fishing’s Small Fry – Birthday Cake SF111, the ultimate soft bait specifically designed for crappie anglers. Each bait in this 15-unit pack mimics the irresistible movement of small fry in the water, enticing crappie with its unique Birthday Cake color pattern and life-like action. Made to withstand various fishing conditions, our Small Fry lures offer unparalleled durability, ensuring that you get consistent performance trip after trip. Whether you’re jigging in a local pond or casting in a vast reservoir, the Small Fry Birthday Cake SF111 is engineered to increase your catch rate. OTH Fishing’s commitment to quality means you’re equipped with baits trusted by professional anglers and guides alike.

OTH Fishing – a brand you can trust:

Join the thousands of people supporting OTH Fishing / Crappie Monster and make the intelligent decision to diversify your baits with the latest technologies and styles specifically designed to help you catch more crappie fish.

Why and when to use the OTH Fishing Small Fry baits?
This has been the number-one selling style of crappie lure for decades. Proven and trusted, the profile of this bait is designed for year-round use, no matter the weather conditions. You will want to use a darker color (such as Chickenpox or Fried Apple) in muddy water conditions. Anytime in a clear water situation, you want to use one of the colors that have some sparkle in it (such as Trophy Wife, Margarita, or MS Gold).

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 0.25 in


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