Large 5-Inch Mag Minnow Bait by OTH Fishing – Versatile Crappie, Bass, & Walleye Lure


A Game-Changer for Anglers: Elevate your fishing with the 5-inch Large Mag Minnow by OTH Fishing. Tailored for crappie, bass, and walleye, this versatile bait is a must-have for serious anglers. Its realistic design and effective performance in various waters make it your go-to choice for a successful catch.

Each pack contains:

  • 5” swim bait
  • 5 Mag Minnows per pack

OTH Fishing’s Mag Minnows are also ideal for these types of fishing:

  • Ideal for bass fishing
  • Ideal for walleye fishing
  • Ideal for redfish fishing
  • Ideal for speckled trout fishing

Why Use This Product?

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for crappie, bass, walleye, and trout fishing.
  • Realistic Design: Mimics live bait to attract big catches.
  • Durable Material: Withstands multiple catches without losing effectiveness.

Key benefits summary:

The Large 5-inch Mag Minnow Bait offers unmatched versatility and effectiveness, making it a top choice for anglers targeting a variety of fish. Its quality and performance deliver excellent value for your fishing adventures.


If you’re looking for a bigger version of our top seller mag minnow bait, you’ll enjoy this brand new 5in bait. Elevate your crappie fishing game, look no further than our “Crappie Monster” 5in Mag Minnow. Made with a high-quality plastisol blend, this bait is specifically designed to target those elusive crappie and keep you reeling in the big ones all day long.

The “Crappie Monster” Mag Minnow boasts a life-like appearance, featuring a highly realistic profile, intricate detailing, and a natural swimming action that’s irresistible to crappie. Our unique, plastisol-based formula ensures maximum durability and flexibility, allowing your bait to withstand multiple catches without losing its shape or effectiveness.

Ideal for use in both shallow and deep waters, the “Crappie Monster” 5in Mag Minnow performs exceptionally well during pre-spawn and spawn seasons when crappie are most active. Its versatility extends to various fishing techniques such as jigging, casting, or trolling. The vibrant color selection ensures that you’ll have the perfect bait to match any water clarity or weather condition.

What sets the “Crappie Monster” large Mag Minnow apart from the competition is our commitment to quality and innovation. We’ve meticulously crafted each bait to ensure optimal performance and unbeatable results. Our attention to detail guarantees that you’re investing in a product that will help you consistently reel in those trophy crappie.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your crappie fishing experience with the ultimate bait solution. Order your “Crappie Monster” 5in Mag Minnow (Large Mag Minnow Bait) today and join the ranks of satisfied anglers who have discovered the secret to crappie fishing success!

If you are looking for the ideal landing net designed for Bass and Crappie? Introducing the Pro Series Net – available in 4 colors. 

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 0.5 in

Gizzard Shad, Pearl, Joker, Chicken Pox, Bluegrass, Ozark Smoke


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