24V80AH Sport Series Lithium Battery with Bluetooth (2480-BT)


Do you have a 24V trolling motor or 24V solar system. If yes then this battery is for you. With 20KWH of storage, engineered to fit within our compact group 31 case, this tank will take your power system to the next level. Built in bluetooth gives you peace of mind at your fingertips. Also has built in low-temp charging protection!


Capacity   Voltage    Weight           Size             Warranty
 80AH        25.6V       40 lbs.    13” x 6.75” x 9”   10 years

BMS: Yes
Chemistry: LFP
Efficiency: 98%
Memory: None
Terminals: M8
Max Charge/Voltage: 29V
Low Cut-off Voltage: 22V

Max Charge/Discharge Current: 80A
Peak Discharge Current: 240A – 3 sec
Low Temp Charging Protection: Yes
Operating Temp: 32°-130°
Cell Type: 4 Parallel
Bluetooth: Yes


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