36V50AH Sport Series Lithium Battery with Bluetooth (3650-BT)


The ultimate Trolling motor battery. 70% less weight than AGM, 5000 cycles vs 800 for AGM. Use one for 5+ hours of heavy trolling use. Use 2 for 10+ hours of heavy trolling motor use. Remove those 3 heavy lead acid lunkers today and replace them with the best battery system that the industry has to offer! Bluetooth technology built directly inside the battery gives you the real time data in the palm of your hands. Also has built in low-temp charging protection!


Capacity    Voltage    Weight            Size              Warranty
 50AH        38.4V       33 lbs.    13” x 6.75” x 9”    10 years

BMS: Yes
Chemistry: LFP
Efficiency: 98%
Memory: None
Max Charge/Voltage: 43.2V
Peak Discharge: 150A

Cut-off Voltage: 33V
Max Charge/Discharge Current: 50A
Operating Temp: 32°-130°
Low Temp Charging Protection: Yes
Cell Type: Prismatic
Bluetooth: Yes


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