Ozark Rear Seat Pink Jigging Rod – Tournament Angler’s Choice


Balance and Sensitivity for Serious Anglers: The Ozark Rear Seat Pink Jigging Rod, a favorite among tournament anglers, offers unparalleled balance and sensitivity. Its unique rear-mounted reel design and premium materials make it a top choice for discerning crappie anglers.

Why Use This Product?

  • Exceptional Balance: Reduces arm fatigue, enhancing comfort during long fishing sessions.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Feel even the slightest bites, crucial for crappie fishing.
  • Premium Construction: Lightweight IM-7 graphite, stainless steel tips, and ultra-comfortable cork handle.

When to Use?

  • Ideal for tournament and recreational crappie fishing where sensitivity and balance are key.

Value Proposition

This rod combines aesthetic appeal with top-tier functionality, making it a stylish yet indispensable tool for any crappie angler.


The Ozark Rear Seat Pink Jigging Rod is designed with the serious angler in mind. The innovative rear reel seat balances the weight across the rod, minimizing arm fatigue and maximizing sensitivity. This feature allows anglers to detect the slightest nibbles, essential in crappie fishing. Crafted from high-quality IM-7 graphite, reinforced with stainless steel tips, and finished with a comfortable cork handle, this rod is both durable and easy to use. Its breakdown design ensures easy storage and transport. Whether you’re competing in a tournament or enjoying a day on the lake, this rod is built to elevate your fishing experience.

Additional information

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Rod Length

10ft, 11ft


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