Dry Bag


15L dry bag touch screen friendly with dual back straps.

Keep your gear bone-dry and safe with the OTH Dry Bag, an essential companion for every crappie fishing enthusiast. Our specially designed waterproof bag includes a transparent, touchscreen-friendly phone pouch, ensuring you stay connected even in the wettest conditions.


Maximize Your Fishing Trip with the OTH Dry Bag – Perfect for Crappie Enthusiasts

The OTH Dry Bag is the ultimate shield for your fishing essentials, meticulously designed to endure the unpredictable conditions of crappie fishing. This robust dry bag is crafted from durable material, proven to keep your belongings dry amidst sea spray, rain, or accidental dips in the water. The inclusion of a clear, touchscreen-friendly phone pouch allows you to navigate your smartphone without exposing it to the elements, keeping it functional and dry. With its ample storage space, the OTH Dry Bag is versatile enough to safeguard everything from your towels and clothing to your wallet and electronics. Whether you’re sight fishing along the shoreline or venturing into deeper waters, our dry bag is a testament to OTH Fishing’s commitment to quality, functionality, and the crappie fishing community.

Anglers should always have a dry bag on hand due to the unpredictable nature of water-based activities. Not only does it protect valuables from getting wet and damaged, but it also serves as a secure storage solution that’s easy to access and carry. The OTH Dry Bag stands out for its exceptional construction, featuring materials and design elements tailored for fishing enthusiasts. It’s an ideal gift for anglers, offering peace of mind that their items are protected, allowing them to focus on the thrill of the catch.

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