Shipping class for Nets Head Products

Net Head ONLY


The head fits both the Outlaw and the Scoper edition. Head and net bag. NO handle included.

Scoper Edition Net HANDLE ONLY


48” handle that uses the same head as our Original Outlaw Net. Weighing in at only 8.5 oz it’s a great addition to your arsenal for chasing down these Giant Crappie!

The Outlaw Landing Net | For Crappie Fishing


Mathew Outlaw Signature Series Landing Net 6’-12’ Adjustable Handle made of aluminum with a 20”x16” Removable Head and a silicon Net Bag to handle more weight.  Designed to be Light weight and durable for fisherman of all ages. The Outlaw is the perfect net for spider rigging or sniping bogies, with the live scope being adjustable.

Total Package Outlaw Handle, Scoper Handle, and one Net Head


This is the complete package deal with everything you need to land those fish. Comes with both handles (Original Outlaw and the Brand new Scoper Edition) and one net head.


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