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Product Compatibility Warning: this replacement net only fits our Outlaw Net – click HERE to make sure it’s for the right product.

The Pro Series Net | Replacement Net Bag


The Pro Series Net Replacement Bag

The Pro Series Replacement Net Bag Landing Net by OTH Fishing is designed for any of the Pro Series Nets (all colors). Ideal for bass and crappie fishing, the replacement net bag features the following:

  1. Net Size: The dimensions of 20″ x 23″ for the net head (hoop) are in the ideal range for bass fishing and crappie fishing. This size is large enough to land most bass and makes it easier to guide the fish into the net. The same applies for giant crappies.
  2. Net Depth: A 22″ deep bag is ideal for bass and crappie fishing. This depth should secure the fish well, preventing it from jumping out of the net once landed.
  3. Net Weight: The weight of 37 oz (roughly 2.3 pounds) is on the light side of the spectrum. The net is well-balanced and the weight is mainly in the handle, this makes it ideal to handle with one hand and will help you reduce physical fatigue while increasing your movement precision.

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