Clearwater Crappie Bait Kit

In the crystal-clear waters where crappie are more discerning, our Clearwater Crappie Bait Kits give you the stealth and allure needed to lure them in. Designed to blend seamlessly into clear environments, these kits are the clear choice for clearwater anglers.

Clearwater Crappie Bait Kit | OTH Fishing


The Clearwater Crappie Bait Kit by OTH Fishing contains the following items:

Small Fry
– 15x Moon dust Glow SF115
– 15x Monster Milk SF109
– 15x Margarita SF113
Mega Grub
– 10x Icicle MG220
– 12x Icicle FF305
– 12x Chartreuse FF327
Mag Minnow
– 4x Ozark Smoke MM412
– 4x Bluegrass MM415
– 4x Gizzard Shad MM428
– 1x Orange Plastic Tackle Box




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