Black Crappie

Specially crafted for the elusive black crappie, our bait kits offer a range of lures proven to increase your catch rate. With options tailored to the unique habits of this popular game fish, OTH Fishing’s black crappie kits are a must-have for the serious crappie angler.

Bream & Black Crappie Bait Kit by OTH Fishing – The Ultimate Selection for Freshwater Anglers


The Bream & Black Crappie Bait Kit | OTH Fishing contains the following items:

  • 15x Black Outbreak Bait
  • 15x Brown Outbreak Bait
  • 15x Hot Chart Outbreak Bait
  • 15x Monster Milk Outbreak Bait
  • 15x Red Outbreak Bait
  • 15x  White Outbreak Bait
  • 2x 3/4 pear-shaped bobbers
  • Jigheads: 5x 32nd #6 hook & 5x 64 #8 hook




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